Responsibility.org supports the minimum legal drinking age of 21 to save lives and protect the health and well being of young adults, and to empower those of legal drinking age to make a lifetime of responsible alcohol choices as part of a balanced lifestyle.

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The effects of alcohol vary among individuals because of many factors, such as age, sex, body weight, metabolism and genetics, and may differ for the same person at different times. For these reasons, calculations used in the virtual bar in Alcohol101+ are therefore illustrative only and should not be relied on as accurate for you in all circumstances.

Alcohol101+ is designed for educational purposes to highlight the dangers and consequences associated with underage drinking and risky drinking behaviors. The educational content contained in the program is not intended to help underage persons to drink safely, it is illegal to consume or serve alcohol to persons under 21 and underage persons should not be drinking. Alcohol101+ is intended to educate young adults about why alcohol is unsafe for underage persons and how to safeguard any person who has consumed alcohol irresponsibly or in any other way that puts them or others at risk of harm or injury.

No information presented in Alcohol101+ should take the place of your own decisions about drinking alcohol, or whether or not to drive after drinking alcohol.

If you are under 21 years old, it is illegal to purchase or possess alcohol. In most states, 21 is also the legal age for consumption. Your state has laws against selling or providing alcohol to minors.